How to create a landing page in Google docs in 2021

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How to create a landing page in Google docs in 2021

If you’re just setting up online and want to test your ideas first before spending thousands of dollars on a website, then using this method to get an offer online, fast, is a great solution.

Find out how to create a landing page in Google Docs and link out using your own domain or short link ( You’ll also discover the 7 essential elements you need to include on your landing page to turn it into a conversion machine for your business.

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Landing Page Copy Guide & Checklist: t

Headlines Guide: coming soon

[01’42”] Setting up a google doc as a landing page
[08’15”] Linking out with or domain name in NameCheap
[13’00”] Phase 2 – overview of what to include
[15’39”] 7 essential elements for a landing page
[22’25”] Bonus tip!

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