How to Create a Landing Page in Wix in 14 mins [FREE]

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’m showing you how to create a landing page using Wix (this tutorial applies to the Free version as well!)

A landing page is the top step of your online sales funnel, and there are certain things you need to do (in terms of both design and psychology) to increase the number of people who land on this page… and who actually opt-in to your funnel.

In this video, you’ll learn:

– How to create a landing page in Wix
– My Step-by-Process for putting a landing page together
– A little headline-writing secret to convert more users (5: 39)
– An over-the-shoulder view of me creating the actual page and writing the actual copy
– How to tie everything together with Wix’s email marketing platform (12: 30)

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I’ll be putting some finishing touches on the landing page design and showing you a little workaround “hack” to connecting other email marketing platforms (like ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp) to Wix using some good ole fashioned Javascript (but don’t worry- if you can copy and paste- you can code this 😉 ).

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