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From Lunacy team
The Lunacy community constantly grows. Our users create great stuff in Lunacy every day. We asked some of them to share their work with you all. Feel free to comment and share your ideas.

In this tutorial, our user Andy shows how to design a landing page in less than 40 minutes. Watch and learn!

Designing landing pages is one of the most common tasks for a web designer. This video guide will be very useful for junior designers and Lunacy beginners.

What you’ll learn:
► How to design a simple landing page with all the key elements
► How to use all the basic Lunacy tools, and smart tools like Suggestions and Tidy Up
► How to save time by using the built-in icons, photos, illustrations, and avatars

Artboard setup 1: 08

Arranging guidelines 2: 30
Built-in photos 5: 35
Editing shapes 7: 12
Styling a text with the suggestion panel 12: 35
Grouping elements 14: 51
Text generation 17: 00
Creating a button 17: 45
Built-in icons 20: 53
Using the smart distribute feature 24: 05
Built-in illustrations 27: 47
Text options 30: 20
Avatar tool 33: 55
Sharing a document using the Icons8 cloud 40: 50

Hop in and share your designs with the world. We’ll credit your work and help with video production.

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