How to Create a Lead Capture Page in WordPress | Sales Funnel Strategy | WordPress Tutorial

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Lead Capture Page, or how it is often called – an Opt-in Page, allows you to generate leads for your business, and add them to your email list. These leads can then be nurtured with targeted automated emails to convert them into paying customers.

There are two types of lead capture pages that can be designed in WordPress using WooFunnels – A Popup Opt-in Page and An In-Line Optin Page. These pages are fully customizable and can be designed just the way you want.

Not only the pages, but the lead capture form displayed on the page can also be customized to fit your business requirements. You can add more fields, rearrange their order to collect email first, and more.

You can even choose the type of field you add to your form – Text, Checkbox, Radio Button, HTML, etc. – to ensure that you are able to gather all the information you need with absolute ease.

WooFunnels deeply integrates with Elementor providing you with two specially designed widgets – Optin Forms and Optin Popup. But if you don’t wish to use Elementor, WooFunnels doesn’t restrict you and you can use any other page builder of your choice to design the page.

What’s more? You have the option to create a page completely from scratch as well. Just drag & drop the widgets to the blank page and build it completely from ground up.

The best part about designing your Opt-in or Squeeze pages with WooFunnels is that you don’t have to exit WordPress to check and keep a tab of the contacts entering your Opt-in Funnel in real-time. All of that can be managed from within your WordPress account.
Neat, isn’t it?

In this video today we show you how you can create one such Lead Capture Page for your store that would help shoot up your store’s conversion rates with WooFunnels using Elementor. Not only that, we explain the two types of Opt-in pages you can have for your website, and how you can customize them to be on-brand.

Time Stamp:
0: 10 What is a Lead Capturing Page?
0: 24 Types of Lead Capturing Page in WordPress
0: 56 Customizable WooFunnels widgets in Elementor
2: 06 Contacts in WordPress
2: 20 Create your Lead Capture Page
2: 53 How to add a new Funnel
3: 44 Import a Template
4: 19 Edit the Pages in Elementor

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