How To Create A Lead Magnet Mockup in Canva. Sales Funnel Mockups for One Funnel Away Challenge

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Canva Tutorial: How To Quickly Create Lead Magnet Mockups For Beginners

Are you looking to create your own professional looking mockup to use as a lead magnet on your Blog, website, sales funnel?

This is how to create fast and great looking mockups using Canva for free. 10 minutes work for a a high quality lead magnet.

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I show you step-by-step how to create the lead magnet image in Canva. How to then apply that image to a mockup – a laptop screen, book, poster, mobile phone. This is not advanced photoshop, it is so simple my young daughter can do it. So give it a try.

Canva is the main tool you will use. Perhaps my favorite online tool and a gold mine of features and creativity that can be used for free. I create all my blog images, YouTube thumbnails in Canva.

I learnt to create Mockups as part of the One Funnel Away Challenge (See my website if you want to know more about this unbelievable training).

As part of the One Funnel Away Challenge we look at creating squeeze pages. A process of getting a subscribers email in exchange for a lead magnet that would be helpful for them.

Mockups are a great way of displaying that lead magnet and grabbing your customers attention and email address.

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