How to Create a Lead Magnet with Mailchimp Landing Page

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Hi all! Lead generation is one of the most effective ways to grow your email list. In this video, I show you how to create a simple landing page, apply a tag, then use that tag to trigger an automation to send an email immediately to your new subscriber. 👍 😎

There are a few steps but it is not complicated at all
1. Create a Giveaway (lead magnet) that is full of information your target market can use.
2. Create your Landing Page.
2a. Add an appropriate tag to the Landing Page audience settings.
3. Create your email automation using the tag as the trigger. The email will include a link to the giveaway.

Intro 0: 00
3 step setup process 0: 25
Create your landing page 0: 54
Add a tag to your landing page 4: 15
Setup Automation 4: 45
Design the email for the automation 5: 26
Publish landing page 9: 31
Test it out 9: 52

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