How to Create a Podcast and Sales Funnel that Convert like Crazy with Mark Kumar

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In this interview Mark Kumar reveals the easiest way to get a podcast off the ground, the best way to host your show, and how to use a sales funnel to maximize your podcast potential and grow your online business.

About Our Guest:

Mark Kumar is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. He coaches entrepreneurs to run a profitable online business by sharing their own advice.

If you ever helped anyone with your advice, then you are ready to create and run a successful online business today.

During the show we discuss:

✅ What lifestyle entrepreneur is
✅ Turning your passion into a profitable company
✅ How to take offline businesses online during the pandemic
✅ What SaaS Company is
✅ What sales funnel is
✅ How to be the best host on an online podcast
✅ How popular is podcasting now
✅ How hard is it to get podcast off the ground
✅ What kind of people can succeed podcasting
✅ Which channels you need to have your podcast on
✅ What kinds of analytics and tracking is available with podcasting
✅ Using a sales funnel with podcasting
✅ Importance of building a sales funnel
✅ Using a sales funnel for business
✅ Secrets and powerful tips in building sales funnels
✅ How to use Pixeling to grow an online business
✅ Aligning marketing strategy in sales funnel
✅ Getting paying clients for online businesses

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