How to create a sales funnel in wordpress using cartflows and elementor – Cartflows tutorial 2020

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So in this cartflows tutorial, we are going to see How to create a sales funnel in wordpress using cartflows and elementor

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You will learn how to build a sales funnel without using any funnel builder, we are going to make a WordPress sales funnel
sounds confusing??
But don’t worry guys I have tried to make this process of creating a WordPress sales funnel as simple as possible for me.
We are going to use a plugin called cartflows to make a fully functional sales funnel will one-click upsell, order bumps, and custom checkout page

TABLE OF CONTENT00: 00 – how to make a sales funnel
00: 37 – Sales funnel demo
05: 28 – Requirements
05: 42 – what is cartflows
8: 15 – Tutorial Starts
9: 38 – create a new flow in cartflows
10: 13 – Add upsell page in cartflows
11: 09 – Edit sales page with elementor
14: 02 – Add Cartflows LINK for the next step
15: 10 – Edit checkout page in cartflows
19: 17 – edit checkout page with elementor
21: 58 – Make upsell page using cartflows
24: 17 – Edit upsell page with elementor
26: 29 – Make thankyou page in cartflows
28: 52 – See sales funnel in action

Jump to any specific section of this cartflows tutorial if you want to.
now if you are a complete beginner to this WordPress game and you don’t understand how to use cartflows elementor together, JUST YET

Don’t worry mate it is far easier to learn and use than those over-complicated funnel builders.

so once you will watch this video and learn how to create a sales funnel in WordPress.
some people call it elementor sales funnel but they are actually talking about cartflows sales funnel made with elementor

So guys I hope you will like this concept of funnel building inside of wordpress
before you go here are some videos that I recommend you watch


Elementor page builder complete tutorial
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[LINK] – /

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