How to Create a Sales Funnel Without A Costly Website | Datta Tule

If you want to increase your sales and conversion then you definitely need a sales funnel to convert your cold audience to the Hot buying audience. Now you don’t need any websites you need funnels to optimize your conversion.
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Still, most people use websites to sell their products and services online. But let me tell you my dear friend’s website are dead now. you need to use Sales funnel to sell your products online.

Why I am saying websites are dead is because on the websites there is more distraction to your customers but on the landing page there is only one call to action to sell your product online. So what is the best tool that you can use to create sales funnels?

For the landing page, you can use SystemeIo and click funnel, For the e-commerce website you can use Shopify. This the best tools that are available right now In the market.

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