How To Create An Automated Webinar With ClickFunnels | Step-by-Step Tutorial

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In this video we’ll be talking about building a webinar, specifically a pre-recorded, automated webinar; and how to build a big, high-converting webinar in ClickFunnels.

I use Russell Brunson’s perfect webinar blueprint to create my actual webinar content. So, yes, I do model all of my webinar content after Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar – and if you want to make money and have a good ROI, this is the way to go in my opinion.

We’re not going to go into the intricate details because it’s actually a bit involved and very in depth training…But if you want to learn more about The Perfect Webinar, you can check it out here (the basic blueprint is free):

I also compare live webinars to pre-recorded webinars and some of the pros and cons of both. Then I go into building your actual webinar, how to setup a webinar funnel within Clickfunnels, how to setup an email sequence, the power of automation and what to include in a webinar funnel….AND yes, free shared funnels below.

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Here are the shared funnels as promised in the video, you can import them right into your ClickFunnels account (if you don’t have account you can start a 14 day free trial):



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The screen recording software to create your actual webinar that I show in the video:

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