How To Create An Online Course With ClickFunnels | Step By Step Tutorial

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Today I will show you how to create an online course using ClickFunnels even if you are a complete beginner and you have never created one before.

I will show step by step instructions inside my clickfunnels account how you can create an online course from scratch.

When building your membership site you can choose from various templates both free and paid are at your disposal.

Before using clickfunnels I was trying all kinds of other tools and softwares to build digital courses and it was a nightmare. Now I use Clickfunnels for everything and I finally don’t have to waste my time on all that other stuff.

After you choose the template for your membership site you can edit your access page and members area however you like. Clickfunnels is drag and drop software and it’s super easy to use.

You can change colors, you can put your logo and make it look really beautiful. In membership area you can add your lessons and put them inside modules.

In ClickFunnels you can also watch the progress of members of your course so you make sure they do not procrastinate so you help them get results they need.

Inside clickfunnels you can lock your course and get access only to people who actually purchase your course. After you set it up it happens automatically.

When you create an online course in clickfunnels you have full control over it and you can price it however you want unlike when you build it on udemy all your courses sell for around 10 bucks.

If you would like to get my digital course template I can share it with and you can put it inside your clickfunnels account with 1 click. All I want in return is you sign up for clickfunnels with my link:

If you use my link I can also help you with other things so feel free you reach out to me on facebook, email, join our facebook group or just say hi on instagram cause I want to help you succeed!


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