How to Create Better Landing Pages that Generate More Leads

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00: 00- Introduction & Key Takeaways
01: 23- Bob’s Passions
02: 22- Greatest Home Run
04: 15- Biggest Mistake
07: 24- What is a landing page?
09: 26- How to Create a Great Landing Page
13: 31- How to Increase the Conversion of Landing Pages
16: 11- Best Performing Lead Magnets
20: 10- Role of Testimonials in Generating Leads
22: 13- 3 Secrets to Great Testimonials
24: 36- Conclusion

How to Create Better Landing Pages that Generate More Leads

As the sales and marketing manager at Leadpages, Bob Sparkins helps his customers build top landing pages and websites to create conversion platforms. He is also the author of Take Action, Revise Later.

In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss how to create better landing pages that will generate more leads.

We will cover the following key takeaways:

👉 A landing page is a page that gets people to take one specific, desired action after they’ve landed on it.

👉 We should keep our landing pages short and simple.

👉 We shouldn’t just have one landing page. We should have as many landing pages as we can think of so we can make them as specific and targeted as possible.

👉 We have to make our landing pages about our ideal client or customer.

👉 We should use emotional triggers on our pages.

👉 We should weave testimonials throughout our landing pages in places where customers might have an objection.

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