How To Create High Converting Landing Pages For Any Niche 2022

How To Create High Converting Landing Pages. We walk you through 6 tips to increase landing page conversion that you can implement today. – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: @justinwoll

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Tips To Increase Conversion

Using critical elements above the fold. Some of these elements are an emotional headline, putting social proof such as a review or testimonial, and using high-quality assets for your pictures.

This part is all about grabbing attention and increasing trust with the consumer. You can utilize things such as trust badges or payment seals so people associate those Billion dollar companies with your brand and immediately build more trust.

Following something called the AIDA principle is key here. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Above the fold we grab attention, then we go into interest.

Here we want to show people the benefits of the product, not the features. By utilizing benefits people will have a more emotional connection to your product and really start to paint a picture in their heads of themselves using the product. We can use eye-catching imagery of the product in use with the benefits to further portray this.

Now we move on to desire, here is where we will have a ton of social proof. Both video and text testimonials work really well and we like to have a mix of the 2.

Some key things when it comes to testimonials are having both first and last names, organic pictures such as selfies of customers with the product, and underlining & bolding throughout the text testimonial. These are things that are proven to increase the conversion rate.

Now we get to the action, here is where we reintroduce the call to action button. It’s important to always have a review/testimonial under the call to action button every time it comes up on the page. We also don’t want the reviews to be 5 stars, typically 4.5 – 4.8 will deliver the best results.

How To Create High Converting Landing Pages For Any Niche 2022

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