How to Create Online Marketing Funnel With Gmail Sponsored Ads

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Watch as I build a full marketing funnel. Landing page, conversion page, conversion pixels and then create Gmail ads to drive the traffic.
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2: 04 – Who owns our usernames? Us or the app? What happens if the app came around today and said that they are charging for your username? Would you pay to keep it?
5: 31 – If you’re trying to establish a legal firm, real estate sales team, a management consultant practice, are you better suited marketing your brand and your new company or focusing on the people with the skills who can bring value to your clients? Market the firm or the person?
7: 13 – Is Twitter making a comeback with their recent addition of GIFs?
8: 15 – How do we grow our Snapchat followers?


Jace Vernon was raised in a small farm town in Utah, where his parents, gave him an excellent start in life. He learned to work in the mink ranch at a young age and acquired a lot of great skills. At 19, he served a mission in El Salvador where he learned about sowing and reaping. A skill which would prove to be very valuable.

Fresh out of college he started his first business. Which grew into a multi-million dollar company. Mistakes were made and eventually it all ended in disaster. His philosophy needed to change.

The Next year he read 150 business books which gave him the knowledge to start other ventures. Now he runs and operates 2 other companies, Ydraw, one of the world’s hottest explainer video companies, and Yinc, one of the fastest growing Video Marketing Agencies.

Jace loves to help others grow their business and is always happy to help.

If you need a speaker, trainer or consultant contact us.

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