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Hello Guys! This is Bryan from Kazukiyan Official! I would like to document the experience I had when building a funnels using Clickfunnels, and one of the reason why I make this tutorial is because when I am trying to build a funnel with product, and thinking what if the customer or buyers wanted to buy more than 1 products, so I made a research and I found out so many solution but they are expensive and a 3rd party script though there is the best way to do it is to code, but then if you are a beginner probably you will end up with no result at all.
So here is a simple solution I figured out that I am hoping that it will help you a lot, so enjoy my video.
#BryanDevsTutorial #ClickFunnelsGuide
If you have any question you can leave a comment below or email me.

1. Showing the Output
2. Go To Backend and ADD new Step
3. Choose the Order Form under SALES Dropdown Menu
4. Add Product and Variation
5. Add Element at the Backend

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