How to Create the Perfect YouTube Sales Funnel

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YouTube can and should be used by all creators as the beginning of their sales funnel. This platform is made for you to build and grow an audience. Sure, you can make some adsense revenue, but most creators here never break the poverty line. In this video I’ll walk you through exactly how to create content that converts and moves people down the sales funnel and generates revenue for your business.

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You should leveraging YouTube to grow an audience and then sell them something you’ve created. When you build a sales funnel and stop relying on adsense you can diversify your revenue and protect yourself and your business from the whims of demonetization or other disasters.

Check Out These Sections Of the Video:
1: 01 – Top of the Funnel(TOFU): Where Your Brand Meets New Potential Customers
2: 09 – TOFU Content: Video Listicles
2: 52 – TOFU Content: Topical Vlogs
3: 31 – TOFU Content: Opinion Pieces
4: 03 – TOFU Content: Simple Tutorials
4: 37 – TOFU Content: Entertainment
5: 28 – Middle of the Funnel(MOFU): Where You Spark Interest in Your Paid Content
7: 04 – MOFU Content: Tutorials
7: 30 – MOFU Content: Breakdowns
9: 05 – Bottom of the Funnel(BOFU): Where YouTube Viewers Become Customers


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