How to Customize Landing Pages

In this hands-on 8th Wall webinar, you’ll learn how to customize landing pages to increase engagement with your WebAR experiences. View details below for links to materials and timestamps to skip ahead to relevant sections on developing augmented reality with /

In this Live Learning session we’ll review:

Landing Pages:
Landing Page Examples [3:00]
Landing Page Demo [5:05]
Landing Page meta tag and module [6:06]
Adding a logo [8:50]
Customizing text [10:45]
Adding preview image [13:40]
Adding video [16:05]
Background Color [17:25]
Adding background image and blurring [19:00]
Adding 3D model [20:10]
Adding 3D model with animation [22:30]
Changing environment maps [23:25]
Landing Page Documentation [24:20] s
VR Landing Page Example [26:40]

Live Q&A:
If I want to add my own environment map what format does it need to be in? [27:40]
What if you use both almost there and landing page modules? [28:15]

During the walkthrough on how how to customize landing pages, Tony uses a combination of example projects to do so. You’ll want to access the Project Library ( to find these pre-built WebAR experiences you can clone today. Projects and documentation referenced include:

8th Wall Documentation:

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