How to Define The Ideal Customer Profile For Your B2B SaaS Company

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Want to focus on the customers that are excited, ready, and willing to buy your solution? In this video, I’m going to share how to define your ideal customer profile (ICP) for your B2B SaaS business.

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I have a little secret.

A few years ago when I started coaching growth-minded SaaS founders on how to scale their companies, I created someone named ‘Software Scaling Sam”.

Sam was obsessed with growth, had achieved product/market fit, and was ready to take full ownership and responsibility in scaling beyond 10k MRR.

If you think that Sam sounds quite a bit like you, that’s because Sam is you.

Sam (or Samantha) is the customer avatar I’ve used to create all the content you’re seeing in this video series… as well as my high-level coaching program, SaaS Academy.

It’s what’s allowed me to tightly define and target the founders that would be MOST ready to benefit from my content and coaching.

It’s also just one single aspect of what makes a powerful ideal customer profile.

In this week’s video, I cover the 6 core aspects you need to take into consideration when building out your most profitable (and probable) customer profile for your SaaS business.

At a high level, the 6 core aspects of your ideal customer profile are:

1. Firmographics
2. Demographic traits
3. Technographic tools
4. Psychographic drivers
5. Roles
6. Name your avatar

While the customer avatar (Software Scaling Sam, Marketing Mary, etc.) tends to get the most attention in marketing circles, I’ve found that identifying and leveraging psychographic drivers is the quickest way to make sure you’re working with customers who are set up to succeed.

I’ve often redefined “SaaS” as “success as a service”.

And with all things being equal, your customer’s ability (and willingness) to succeed through your product will largely come down to their mindset, belief system, and overall psychographic profile.

Taking an hour to more clearly define these aspects will make your marketing and sales process SO much smoother while reducing strain on your customer success team.

Give the full episode a watch here, and then let me know in the comments ONE new insight you have about your ideal customer — and how you plan to take action around it.

Dan “Scaling like Sam” Martell

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DOWNLOAD: The Rocket Demo Builder™ – Never give a boring software demo again and close up to TWICE as many deals by this time next week – s

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