How To Develop an Effective Real Estate Sales Funnel

Every modern real estate agent needs a good sales funnel. A real estate sales funnel describes the process of bringing in leads, turning leads to prospects, and remarketing to previous customers.

But being a real estate agent doesn’t mean that you’re great at digital marketing.

If you’re building a real estate business, you need to learn a lot about real estate marketing — and that includes working with a real estate CRM and social media for lead generation.

00: 00 Intro
01: 43 What Exactly is a Real Estate Sales Funnel?
03: 25 How Does a Real Estate CRM Work?
04: 29 Awareness: Building Traffic and Gaining Leads
06: 02 Leads: Converting Traffic Into Prospects
07: 06 Prospects: Moving Through The Sales Process
08: 01 Customers: Selling, Upselling, and Reselling
09: 00 Clients: Remarketing to Your Customer Base
09: 52 Examining the Real Estate Sales Funnel
11: 40 FAQs on Real Estate Sales Funnel

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