How to double your sales funnel with Dux Soup Turbo

Are you looking to scale your lead generation pipeline in 2022? Then discover how Dux-Soup Turbo can double your sales funnel by automating more of your LinkedIn sales activity.

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In this interactive session with live demos, we introduce the top 3 Turbo features that will send your results rocketing, helping one customer achieve a 3000% uplift in results, and another to comment “The first week that I tried Dux-Soup Turbo, I closed deals worth $14,000”.

Key highlights include:
– Unlimited, automated campaigns
– Lead management dashboard and funnel flow
– CRM/Workflow integration

We look at how 3 organizations took their industries by storm using the power of Dux-Soup Turbo.

PLUS live Q&A with Giles Garnett (Head of Professional Services) and Gin Kuzminskaitė (Head of Customer Support at Dux-Soup).

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