How to draw a Simple Process Map

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Søren Pommer demonstrates how to draw a simple process map, and why keeping it simple can be very beneficial to your business.

What is Process Mapping? 00: 32
How to draw a simple Process Map 01: 19
Swimlanes 01: 53
Events 02: 28
Activity 03: 14
Decisions 04: 04
Work Instructions 04: 54
Next Steps 05: 36

– Draw a Process Canvas with an active name and an outcome
– Draw a swimlane for each role which is involved
– Draw an event to demonstrate what starts the process
– Use activity shapes to represent jobs to do
– Decisions can be used to show how a process can split into multiple paths
– Write work instructions for activities with best practices
– Digitalise your process map so that it is easy to update and share

A written guide to process mapping – /

Guide to process success – /

Gluu Help Centre, Process Mapping with Gluu – g

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