How To EASILY Customize Your GHL Software | The Marketer’s Toolkit

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00: 00: 00 – General Overview
With The Marketer’s Toolkit You can EASILY Modify all Of Your Goghiglevel Software (SAAS) So it’s FULLY WHITELABEL

Make it as Your Own!!

00: 01: 00 – The Customizer

User Experience is one of the most important things in a software. Gohighlevel is already Soooo… COMPLICATED!!

Adding a good onboarding and activation is KEY… BUT…

People will complain if they don’t understand small things. This software will allow you to add javascript to modify

1 – Turn OFF/ON Triggers Green Buttons
2 – Warnings in Filters
3 – Email Statistics
10+ more Features

00: 03: 00 – Contact & Custom Buttons

Add javascript and iframe or redirect to custom support or other whitelabel software inside Gohighlevel
Add buttons inside the Dashboard
Add buttons inside the Contact Buttons
Restric User / Admin Settings

00: 03: 28 – The Full CSS Solution Library

This is SO Powerful and is going to Save You A LOT OF TIME!!!

You’re probably searching how to custom css or custom javascript your agency dashboard…
The reality is that you’re going to spend so much time learning…

The Marketer’s Toolkit has everything… A Full CSS solution library at your hands

1 – Customize CSS Forms (Type Form Style)
2 – Customize Your GHL Dashboard CSS Brand Colors
3 – Customize CSS Surveys (Type Form Style)
4 – Customize Java & CSS In funnels
5 – Add Checkout coupon codes
100+ More CSS Library

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