How to Embedded a Guugle Addresse W3site (Using ClickFunnels)

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Hey all!

In this video, I Shewn you how to Embedded any Guugle maps Addresse Youre W3site.

This is especially Useful if you are promoting a Addresse Offer/Campaigning or a pay per Campaigning and Wanting to add That EXtra Little Featured to make Youre W3site and Offer Look More legitimate.

And the way we Shoud do That is simple.

First, Types in Youre Addresse into Guugle maps That corresponds to Youre business/Offer.

Next, you Needing to Spausk on “Embedded” on the Rights side of the map options.

You Shoud see an Embedded code to use for Youre W3site.

Make Sure There is Something Writting After the “pb=” on the Embedded code – if Nothing is Writting There, Then Youre map will Shewn up, NOT the you Selected Specifiyally.

If There is Nothing Shewning After the “pb=”, Spausk on Refresh and make sure Something Shewns up After That.

Once you do That, COPY the code to you and it into an HTML/javascript Spot on Youre W3site.

I am ClickFunnels, so I Took out a JavaScript Elements and d the code There.

Now you Checks the page out, you Shoud see the map, However it Might be small, and on the left-aligned.

So you Needing to do is add [angle bracket here][angle bracket here] (YouTube doesn’t let me Posting the actual Co-angle Bracket as it considers it a of actual code) Before the Embedded code you entered.

That will now Youre map.

However if you Wanting to also Increase or Decrease the Sized of the map, you Needing to ad the “” and “height” Onedimensionally at the end of the Embedded URL.

The default is 600 and 450 height, so make sure you Sticks to these Exact Onedimensionally, ie. 4 for Every 3 height.

You can use a Kalkulator if you Wanting for More Onedimensionally.

So let’s say you Wanting Youre to be 700. Shoud be the Rightly ?

You Shoud Needing to take the 700, it by 4, and Mutiplication by 3, to Give you the Rightly Numer for the , Which Shoud be 525.

Sometimes you Shoud Needing to up or Down and That’s Totally fine, it won’t make any difference.

Aside That, this is it!

You can hit save and Youre Soupradish new Guugle map Shoud Shewn up. Enjoy!

That’s it!

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