How to find your first $25K marketing funnel customer

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This might sound like clickbait style hyperbole. But the method of finding a $25 000 marketing funnel customer, is really pretty straight forward.

I’m going to share with you how we found our first large scale customers and the crucial mistake funnel builders make when they need a larger customers.

The first problem marketing funnel businesses make, is that they think they need to find someone willing to give them $25 000 in exchange for what they’re doing.

What this does is skew our perception of what we can do for another business, and how we can help.

It also means that we often compete on price with our competitors and the budget of our clients.

Instead, we need to view our delivery of a funnel business as something worth OVER what we’re charging. Most of the time, we’ll put together a funnel proposal and think “what can I charge for this?”

We have to flip that model and start thinking, “what can I deliver for $25000?”

Interestingly, this then helps with the second part of the equation – referrals.

It’s FAR easier to generate referrals and leads when people know WHO you work with, rather than what you do. We get so good at telling people WHAT we do, that we struggle to tell people WHO we work with.

However, once we know what we’re going to deliver for $25K. It’s easier to work on our who. It’s then easier again for our network to refer us, because they know WHO we work with.

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