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Funnel Scripts Enhancement..

+Added Writing Pad with PDF export, printing, preview and full screen edit mode.
+Added 6 LeadScripts Video Tutorials
+More optimization of scripts in Funnel Scripts

This is an enhancement of the Phase II release:

+ Funnel Scripts – Save your Products/Services so you can grab customized scripts at any time. Each script has a formula toggle so you can see exactly what the script needs from you. Funnels are now in tab format so you can navigate from tab to tab without creating a whole new script.
+ Script Formulas – Added 2 new short and long copy sales page scripts.
+ Email Scripts
+ Ad Scripts
+ Script Generators for Headlines, SubHeadings – NEW, Bulleted Lists, Paragraphs, Order Bumps, Button Text, Openings – NEW, and more. All generators have Script Toggle so you can see the formula and the user variables sidebar that displays your products/services.

Funnels Include
– Squeezes pages
– Reverse Squeeze Pages
– Lead Magnet Pages
– Bridge Page Pages
– Survey Page Pages
– Application Pages
– Ask Campaign Pages
– 2-Step Tripwire Pages
– Video Sales Letter Pages
– Sales Letter Pages
– Membership Pages
– Daily Deal Pages
– Invisible Pages
– Webinar Pages
– Auto-webinar Pages
– Product Launch Pages
– Hero Pages
– Homepage Pages
– Cancellation Pages
– Storefront Pages
– Summit Pages

So how does LeadScripts work?

The number one goal of LeadScripts is ease of use and simplification.
Choose the Funnel, Customize the Scripts and That’s it!

We regularly add new scripts to keep the scripts fresh. This is especially important if you are in an over saturated marketplace. What works now may not work in a few months.

If a template that you like is missing let us know and we can add it.

LeadScripts is an automated copywriting software review copywriting generator.

LeadScripts Copywriting Software Review – LeadScripts review buyer beware 1/10 stars? Not so much…

LeadScripts is a Great Solution!
“If copywriting is not one of your top skills, LeadScripts is a great solution that will not only help you write top quality copy in less time, but will also save you thousands of dollars from outsourced writers and freelancers.”

Great Scripts and Time Saver!
“LeadScripts is the easiest copywriting software to use. It has great scripts and is updated every week. I love it. It’s great!”

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