How to Fix Your Leaking Sales Conversion Funnel

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Stop wasting your marketing dollars and convert your sales leads with a strong conversion funnel. Whether your breaking even each month, or your funnel is leaking money, Ewa Wysocka, CEO at Tribe47, shares how to identify issues with your conversion funnel, and how to fix those issues.

Ewa explains the five stages of a conversion funnel, and why measuring ALL of your marketing platforms assures you are optimizing your ROI. She also identifies the most common mistakes she sees when performing an audit of a business’s funnel and the first steps a business should take to fix a faulty funnel.

We covered:

What are the signs of a broken conversion funnel Three situations that businesses face when identifying conversion funnel problems Why tweaking your products pricing can fix your conversion funnel Where to start when your conversion funnel is broken How a business can evaluate their conversion funnel on their own The five unique aspects of a conversion funnel Why it is so difficult to measure sales conversions The most important aspect to look at when auditing your funnel The most common mistakes are when analyzing conversion funnels What marketers should be learning today to prepare them for the future Ewa’s top three marketing resource recommendations Resources:

Robert Cialdini – Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion Robert Cialdini – Pre-Suasion Seth Godin Dan Ariely – Predictably Irrational Conversion XL Traffic & Conversion Summit Digital Marketer Tribe 47 Google Analytics Mailchimp Google Data Studio Funnels Flows – Mine Mapping Systems Lucidchart – Mine Mapping Software Everyone Hates Marketers – Episode #19 Seth Godin

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