How To Generate Mortgage Leads Using Facebook Ads and Clickfunnels

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In this video I am going to show you a Clickfunnel’s Mortgage sales funnel that is converting tons of leads when running Facebook ads to it. This Particular sales funnel is targeting VA loans.

I run through the simple structure of the funnel and how changing out a couple of small details of the sales funnel could have this generating leads for any Mortgage broker targeting VA loans in no time.

It’s starts of with a Clickfunnel’s landing page that is a questionnaire. After clicking through 2 simple questions, it uses a pop box to collect their name, email and mobile phone number.

The sales funnel will then take you to a thank you page where they will be notified of someone from the Mortgage Broker will be calling them to gather more information. It really is very simplistic and converts very well.

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