How To Generate SaaS Leads Using A Webinar – with Kris Sharma

From Matt’s popular B2B SaaS focused podcast: “SaaS-Story in the Making”

This is “How to generate SaaS Leads using a webinar.”

Webinars are perhaps one of the most underutilized resources for SaaS leaders. Educating your prospects about your product or service and showing them precisely what they need in real-time can lead them into your funnel, eventually closing them.

In this episode of SaaS-Story In The Making, WebinarGrowth founder Kris Sharma talks about how to generate SaaS leads using a webinar.

Sharma states that there are three important steps you can take to get the most out of your webinars and get a bunch of leads as soon as possible. These are:

👉 Press on the Pain Points
👉 Repurposing Goes a Long Way
👉 Get as Granular as Possible

Tune in to this episode to find out more!

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