How to Get Government Contracts | How Our Small Business Got Approved

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Here’s how to make the government your biggest customer through small business government contracts.

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Government spending represents over ⅓ of ALL spending in the United States.

But where is this money actually going? Who is profiting from government spending?

Government contractors.

I recently went through all of the steps to register as a government contractor and was successfully approved to bid on contracts.

So today’s episode is all about how you can do the same.


Intro: (0: 00)
Are Government Contracts Legit?: (1: 00)
What Are Government Contracts?: (2: 35)
Where To Find Government Contracts for Small Business: (2: 56)
Are Government Contracts Right for Your Business?: (3: 37)
The SBA’s Guide for Government Contracts: (4: 51)
How to Get Your Business DUNS Number: (5: 29)
How to Get Your Business NAICS Code: (6: 30)
How to Get Your Business EIN/TIN Number: (7: 23)
Where to Register For Government Contracts: (8: 00)
How to Find and Win Government Contracts: (8: 43)
Recap: (10: 30)

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View Government Contract Opportunities:

SBA Guide for Federal Contracts: e

Register for Duns Number: p

Find your NAICS number:

Register with SAM:

Apply for Employer Identification Number (EIN): e

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