How to get IT right? Startup Lessons from a CIO – Naveen Zutshi (CIO, Palo Alto Networks)

So far on the Podcast, we have had builders & sellers but in today’s episode we’re going to focus on the buyer. We will probe into the mind of a CIO who owns multi-million $ budgets to procure a SaaS and a B2B product. We’ll deep dive into what goes into the product selection, retention and expansion. To talk about that and more, we have Naveen Zutshi, CIO of Palo Alto Networks. Naveen is an industry veteran with decades of experience building and buying technology products. He has a curious mind and loves to experiment with different products and technologies. If there’s a B2B tool out there, chances are that Naveen has either experimented with it or written a check for 100s of 1000s of dollars. He is also an advisor at several startups and large companies including Zoom, Rubrik and Cyberstarts. He is also in the CIO board of advisory at Greylock.

If you are an entrepreneur focusing on the $2 Trillion plus IT market, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Show Notes
0: 00 Intro
01: 58 Frog In A Well
02: 52 A Transition From Monochromatic Culture To Unlocking More Cultures
04: 31 Must Read: How Changing Work Domains Feels Like!
05: 53 A Shift: Engineering Side To IT side
06: 40 Naveen Zutshi’s Favorite Skills
08: 17 IT Budgeting Process
10: 41 Categorize Your Tools : Grow The Business Side Or Run The Business Side
12: 05 Top CIO Priorities
13: 42 How To Balance ‘Run The Business’ And ‘Grow The Business’ Sides?
15: 34 Purpose Of Being Averse To Modernizing It
16: 26 Learn Buying Process From Product Building Lenses
18: 20 Demystification On Tool Selection
19: 11 An Instance Of Successful Negotiation
20: 02 See How The Pick Went Wrong Between Siebel On Demand And Salesforce
22: 07 A Quick Zoom Selection
23: 36 What When It’s Really Difficult To Say ‘NO’?
25: 50 Behavior Of An Ideal IT Organization
27: 37 Role Of Data To Shape The Next Generation IT
28: 53 Insights On Markov Chains
29: 44 Exciting Tech Trends And Products
31: 14 Application Of Data On Some More Areas
34: 13 Why Is Salesforce So Unique?
36: 05 Anticipation On Role Of A CIO In Coming 5 Years
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