How To Get More Customers With A Survey Funnel | What The Funnel Ep. 5

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In this episode of What The Funnel, we dive deep into one of the best sales funnel to generate targeted leads by asking simple questions before offering a single thing.

People are naturally curious and love to find the answers to questions they have. Especially when they didn’t even know the question until you asked them. Hench why the game “Would You Rather” became so popular and why the most common question magicians hear is “how did you do that?”.

So why not create the same curiosity in your business by asking your dream customers simple but fun questions so you can specifically market to them?

Introducing the Survey Funnel.

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00: 00 | Intro
00: 30 | Survey Funnel Explained
02: 02 | Funnel Breakdown
02: 14 | Page 1 – The Survey
02: 47 | The Questions
03: 32 | Page 2 – The Squeeze Page
03: 45 | Page 3 – The Results Page
04: 05 | Examples
05: 24 | Recap

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