How to Get More Leads Using Landing Pages

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In this video we’re going to walk you through the process of using landing pages to get more leads for your video streaming business.

We get questions all the time about the best way to generate leads or how to generate leads online and we often see people doing it in a very direct, salesy way, but the best process is one that both nurtures your audience and captures leads in a natural way. Landing pages that convert aren’t easy to build, but we’ll do our best to walk you through the process and get you generating more leads in no time!

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00: 00 – A Less Effective Approach
01: 32 – Why is lead generation important?
02: 20 – The Beauty of Lead Generating Landing Pages
03: 28 – Create a Lead Magnet
04: 41 – Build a High-Converting Landing Page
06: 16 – Promote a Powerful Call-to-Action
07: 55 – Set Up a Killer Email Marketing Campaign
09: 50 – Tips & Best Practices

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