How to Get Started with ClickFunnels

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A lot of people are overwhelmed when first starting with ClickFunnels.

They don’t fully understand the concept of funnels and they don’t understand why they need ClickFunnels instead of a website.

But the most confusing thing for people just getting started is the funnel templates.

Oftentimes these don’t match up with you and your current product selection.

What does it mean “upsell”? I only have one product!

So for new ClickFunnels users the first thing is absolutely to read dot com secrets.

Incredible book and it will help you get off on the right foot with ClickFunnels.

Second you need to pick a funnel type.

For me this is a custom funnel.

A lot of people don’t like me for this, but once you read Dot Com Secrets it just makes more sense.

Hopefully that doesn’t throw people

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