How To Give Product Demos That Sell Using These 5 Tips

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Product Demos | Having trouble getting customers excited and motivated to buy your product? In this video, I share 5 tips you can use to demo your SaaS product and get customers buying faster.

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Are you acting like a 5 year old when demoing your product?

Last week my son Max (5) asked me to help him with his show & tell presentation.

So I taught him a simple 3 step process.

1. Start with the problem. (Story)
2. Pick 3 benefits & features to highlight (Demo)
3. Ask if they want to play afterwards (CTA)

These 3 steps are just a compressed version of what I teach my SaaS coaching clients… focus on the pain, peg it to the benefits delivered via features and go for the close.

What do you think the other kids did?

They just went up and showed their toy, awkwardly rambled on about the things it could do, then sat down.

Almost makes you wanna cringe, right? Thing is…

Most SaaS Founders act like 5 year olds doing show & tell when they demo.

It’s not a product tour you’re doing… it’s a sales demo. You need to connect the dots for your customers in less than 30 minutes.

If you’re frustrated with low sales conversion numbers from your demos, or the amount of time it takes to close deals, then you’ll want to watch this week’s video where I share my 5 step process for crushing your sales quotas by demoing like a boss.

No mindless rambling about all the “cool” things your product does.

No tumbleweed silences that you awkwardly break up with a classic “oh, did I show you it can also do X?”

Just a clear, efficient, value-driven exchange that sets up the sale without eating into anyone’s lunch plans.

Maybe you already have your demo setup so that it’s short & concise, but are you following these other 5 steps?

1. Demo not tour
2. Connect to pain
3. Lead by question
4. Peg the money shot
5. Virtual close

The last one is the key to ensuring you reduce your sales cycles by future pacing the process with your prospect so they can get in the mindset of having bought.

Also, small tip – use BAMFAM in your demos.

Book a meeting from a meeting.

Never hang up the phone from a sales demo without agreeing upon a specific next step, ideally a call to review any questions that might come up, or to loop in other people on their team to define a proof of concept.

To help you crush your demo script, I’ve outlined a 9 box model called the Rocket Demo Builder that you can use to design your specific demo and get started closing more deals faster.

So what’s your favourite closing question? Post it as a comment and I’ll be sure to add a few others that I love using to get customers to say yes on the spot!

Have an amazing day!

Dan “show & tell kids coach” Martell

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