How To Grow A Travel Agency Using Sales Funnel | Generate Leads for your agency | Muz-strategy-1

We’ll be using a sales funnel for first generating high quality leads eager to go on a trip and this WON’T be a bunch of people wanting to win something for FREE. I like to call this funnel a Contest Funnel with NO Freebie. Watch the full video for the complete strategy too implement this funnel in your business.

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Here’s what’s inside the video:
0: 00 – Introduction
0: 46 – A Few assumptions for the agency
0: 59 – Funnel Concept Breakdown: 2 Catches in the funnel
2: 34 – What will your clients get when you use this funnel for growing your travel agency: The Beginning
2: 48 – How to choose a winner for the contest
3: 26 – How to stand out in travel agency niche
4: 48 – What will your clients get: the ending part
7: 21 – What will you get as a Travel AGENCY when you use this funnel
8: 40 – HACK: This strategy will BOOM the Contest
9: 40 – Monetary Breakdown: The money potential you could make with this
10: 44 – How to market your travel agency funnel for FREE (Free Strategy)
12: 42 – Conclusion

Hope you find this video valuable and if you do, put in your thoughts in the comments’ section.

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