How to improve the top of your marketing funnel with a branded mobile app

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How can a mobile app help you exponentially scale your tutoring business? Can it lead to new revenue streams and new clients? The answer to all three is yes. Find out how.

Creating your own mobile app is a powerful way to capture an audience on a platform you own. It’s free of third-party ads, branding, and lets you communicate directly with your users.

Diane Bleck used’s app creation platform to add another valuable revenue stream to her online business.

Based in Illinois, Diane Bleck is an art teacher who runs the online brand DoodleTV. Her mission is to connect parents and children using doodling. She wants to boost creativity, ignite imagination, and supercharge visual thinking.

Check out her DoodleTV app:

Her DoodleTV apps acts as a lead magnet to draw people to her brand and then she upsells them product once they are in love with her content.

Find out more about Diane over on our website: l

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