How To Integrate ClickFunnels Product Purchases With Infusionsoft Web Forms & Sequences

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The best way to integrate ClickFunnels product purchases with Infusionsoft web forms and sequences is not at the landing page level. While that may work for lead magnets, it’s not the best solution for ClickFunnels product purchases integrating with Infusionsoft Sequences.

Go into the funnel step with the actual order form, and select the products tab. And then after you’ve set up the product in ClickFunnels, go ahead and hit edit and find the tab that says Email Integration.

From there you’ll integrate a web form from Infusionsoft the same way that you would integrate a landing page. On the Infusionsoft side of the equation, get in the habit of having an Infusionsoft web form followed by a tag added sequence before resuming to the regular follow programming that you’re used to doing.

When done this way, it doesn’t matter how many products you have, or if you have checkboxes to purchase multiple products at a time with CF Pro Tools, then you can design your followup in as customized a manner as you’d like.

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