How to integrate ClickFunnels with Stripe tutorial

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How to integrate ClickFunnels with Stripe tutorial

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00: 00 Start
00: 02 Click on Account Settings
00: 08 Click on Payment Gateways
00: 12 Click on Add New Payment
00: 16 Choose Stripe Account
00: 19 Click on Create Stripe Account
00: 24 Insert Your Name
00: 28 Click on Default Stripe Account
00: 29 Click on Create Stripe Account
00: 34 Click on Connect with Stripe
00: 42 Click on Connect my Stripe Account
00: 50 Insert your email and password for login
00: 55 Finish


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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to integrate your Stripe account with ClickFunnels so that you have a payment processor in place for when you create a funnel and order form in ClickFunnels.

For this, the first step is for you to create a Stripe account here:

This is really simple and will take you a few minutes.

Please make sure that you also verify your email address as that is required when integrating the ClickFunnels and Stripe accounts.

Once you do that, you are ready to hop into the ClickFunnels side of things!

In ClickFunnels, you would need to click on the top of the dashboard, and select ‘Payment Gateways’.

You then need to ‘Create a New Stripe Account’ and follow the steps outlined to fill in the blanks.

The first field is where you would just need to enter the name of the Stripe Integration you want.

This is the name that will show up when you actually select the integration on the order form, so make it clear to you what it is, especially if you create several Stripe integrations.

You can select the domains you want the integration to apply to right away, and choose that specific integration as ‘the default’ if you have several integrations in place.

After that, it’s time to connect the Stripe account with ClickFunnels.

You would need to click on ‘connect’ in ClickFunnels on the next tab and if you already have a Stripe account as you should, you can simply click ‘sign in’ at the very top right to automatically have them integrated!

If not, and you want to take the longer approach, just fill in the details and ClickFunnels automatically creates the account for you.

Once you finish that, you are pretty much good to go.

Now, on the funnel where you are selling products and want the money to come into your Stripe account, just go to the order form, create products, and select the integration you want.

In our case, you should already have the Stripe integration set up, so that option should be available and show up for you.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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