How To Integrate Sendgrid SMTP in Click Funnels (2021) – NEW API METHOD

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This new way of connecting Sendgrid to ClickFunnels will be mandatory when Sendgrid starts forcing 2 factor authentication! Do this before your e-mails stop working!@

ClickFunnels allows you to design and schedule very powerful emails, but what you might not know is you need to integrate an SMTP to handle the delivery of those emails! The most user friendly option you have for setting this up is SendGrid, you can even get started with them for FREE! Follow along with me to get your set up and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!

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Note: When setting up the SMTP settings, I state that the SMTP domain and the domain at the end of the from email need to be the same. While this is in my opinion, BEST PRACTICE it should still function if they do not match! My apologies if this confused anyone!

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