How to Integrate Zoho Mail with ClickFunnels – Connecting Zoho to Your Sales Funnel Software (2021)

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This video shows you the steps to connect your Zoho Mail professional (business) email account with a domain in ClickFunnels.

This is necessary in order to collect email addresses from a ClickFunnels opt in page, send them to your email autoresponder, and then send an automated email sequence from your email autoresponder from your professional email address.

There are three records that need to be mapped within ClickFunnels in the “edit zone records” section within “domains” in the account settings: MX records, SPF record, and DKIM record. Upon mapping these three records, you will be able to send automated emails from your email autoresponder of choice from the Zoho professional email address. If you receive replies from your subscribers, you will be able to read and respond to the emails within the Zoho Mail interface.

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