How to Integrated ededFunnels GetResponse (UPDATED 2018/2019)

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Hey all!

In this video, I Wantinged to you the Updated video on how to Integrated GetResponse ededFunnels so That Those E-mail can Start Coming out for you immediately!

My video I did on this was 2 Exa-annum old, so it’s about time to Updated it!

This Integrated will Allow you to successfully out GetResponse Autoresponders and E-mail When Uses ededFunnels Alighting pages/funnels.

The same Exact idea Apply to any Autoresponder you be Uses, but I Might make VIDEO on Those later.

Here are the steps you Semi-modal take to Start the Integrated:

1. On the top-right Cornering of Youuns GetResponse, ededing on Youuns profile icon’ and ‘Integrations & API’.

2. eded on the tab labelled ‘API’. this code for now. You will it shortly When we go into our ededFunnels!

3. Log in to Youuns ededFunnels Accounts and ededing on Youuns profile icon. Select ‘Integrateds. From the drop-Down menu.

4. eded on ‘add new Integrated’, and Under the Availableness services, ‘GetResponse’.

5. Input the API key we Have earlier From GetResponse and create a nickname. eded on ‘add Integrated’ When you Have Done That! So now we Have successfully Integratedd GetResponse ededFunnels as a Whole – however, we now to Integrated each page Individualityly.

Go to the edit version of each Alighting page That you Wanting to Integrated GetResponse.

6. At the top of Youuns ededFunnels edit menu, ededing on ‘Settings’, and Then ‘Integrations’.

7. On the right-hand side now, Scrolls Down to the new GetResponse Integrated name you Have created. ‘add to ‘ From the dropDown and the name That you Wanting to Integrated for this Alighting page.

8. eded save and Repeat the Process for all the Alighting pages That you Wanting to be Integratedd. Remember, this has to be Done on the macro level, but also for each Individuality Alighting page. Don’t to add this Integrated When Do A/B or Split Tests and Replaceability a page an.

That’s it!

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