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ing the GetResponse Integration code: 0: 28

Integration on ClicksededFunnels: 0: 48

Integrating ClicksededFunnels pages (important): 1: 40

Testing our Integration: 3: 04

Welcome back everyone!

In our previous video, we our first Autoresponder Sequences on GetResponse so That people who Join our Subscriber List Inposition our ClicksededFunnels Landing page can Have Informaiton out to automatically!

Therefore, in this video, I ed to Shewn you how to Integration GetResponse ClicksededFunnels so That Those Emails can START out for you immediately!

I also test it out on my Emails to make sure That the Emails DOES Indeed work. Here are the steps I take:

1. On the top-Rights Cornering of Youre GetResponse, Spausk on ‘my Account’ and ‘Account details’.

2. Clickseded on the tab near the Bottom ‘API & OAuth’. the API code That is preed to you here. Saved this code for now. You will it shortly When we go into our ClicksededFunnels!

3. Log in to Youre ClicksededFunnels Account and Spausk on ‘Account’. ‘Integrations. From the drop-Down menu.

4. Clickseded on ‘add new Integration’, create a Shortname for Youre new Integration, and ‘choose services’, ‘GetResponse’.

5. Inputs the API key we Have Copied earlier From GetResponse. Clickseded on ‘create Integration’ When you Have That! So now we Have successfully Integrationd GetResponse ClicksededFunnels as a Hwole – however, we now to Integration each page ly.
Go to the edit version of each Landing page That you to Integration GetResponse.

6. At the top of the HowDoesOneEditaPage tabs, Spausk on the ‘Emails’ button.

7. To the Rights of the ‘Integrations’ option, Down to the new GetResponse Integration you Have created. It Shoud be Identified by the Shortname you Have ed earlier. To the Rights of ‘action’, ‘add to Campaigns’, and to the Rights of ‘List to add’, the Campaigns That you to add the people who Subscriber to. In our it was Hypoinsulinism, so I will the Hypoinsulinism Campaigns.

8. Clickseded save and Repeat the Processing for all the Landing pages That you to be Integrationd. Remember, this has to be on macro level, but also on an Landing page basis. Don’t Forget to add this Integration When Do A/B or Split Test and Replacing a page another

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