How to Keep Your Digital Marketing Clients During a Pandemic with Nick Korom in GoHighLevel

Not sure what to do when you hear the dreaded “I want to pause marketing”? Join us with special guest Nick Korom who will teach you not only how to keep your clients but how to upsell them on bigger packages during a pandemic and come up with a digital marketing plan. SHOW MORE

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0: 00 Intro
01: 12 Challenges in the Pandemic
03: 17 Nick`s Introduction
04: 32 What are you going to do to generate sales in the next 45 days?
08: 23 Virtual sales
15: 46 Pitch deck
18: 01 Client feedback
20: 51 Q: What do you recommend for Auto Dealers?
23: 55 Offer switch
31: 05 Do you have an in-house marketing team?
38: 08 Are you continuing to advertise on Facebook?
48: 41 Q: Are your client`s patients still spending money?
49: 40 Q: How would you approach the situation in regards to cold emails?
54: 21 Have you figured out new ways to serve Agency owners?
57: 01 Are you advertising in your ads that it`s a virtual consult
58: 37 One example
01: 07: 09 Final thoughts

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