How to Link Tables in Airtable: 102

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Unlocking the REAL POWER of Airtable is only possible if you’ve linked your tables correctly. This is the single most difficult thing for newer Airtable users to get right and it can have catastrophic effects on your database.

Here I go step-by-step through the process that we take when outlining a tables and their connections. I also address how to tell the difference between a ‘data set’ and a ‘data point’ – sounds easy, but they can get confusing!


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Table of Contents: 📖 👇

00: 00 – What this video covers
01: 14 – Starting from Scratch
02: 10 – Setting up the Example
03: 23 – Data Set vs. Data Point
04: 00 – Data Points
04: 36 – Data Sets
06: 10 – Linking Tables


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