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This video will show you how I made $183k by selling on ClickFunnels for my ecommerce drop shipping business. I go step by step to show you the types of products I sell, type of funnel I use, and strategies to selling products/services online.

Instead of using traditional websites like wix, wordpress, big cartel, we are using ClickFunnels. This software allows you to create a website that forces your customer to take one specific action. For example, if you create a sales funnel that is specifically made to sell peanuts, in theory that ClickFunnels sales funnel should sell more items than if it were on a traditional website like wordpress. The reason why ClickFunnels helps you make more sales is because there are no home buttons, cart buttons, dropdown menus, FAQ page, etc. There is one button, which means the customer can only do one thing which is BUY!

They make it so easy because there is ZERO coding involved. The only thing you have to do is use their templates and fill in the blanks. You can create a funnel in the morning, and have sales rolling in by the afternoon. Its literally that easy.

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