How to Make a Conversational Landing Page for a Mortgage Lender

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It’s a well-known fact in digital marketing that mortgage lead generation is extremely difficult. Between the intense competition for mind space, high-friction application process and the complexity of the product being sold, mortgage companies have to spend tens of millions of dollars on platforms like Google and Facebook just to get in front of their prospective customers. Within such a marketing environment, it is absolutely imperative to extract the maximum possible value from every dollar of adspend. A well-executed CRO strategy in the space costs little to implement but translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars in saved adspend. Conversational landing pages are one such strategy. Unlike conventional CRO strategies which yield a marginal increase in conversion rate, chatbots can yield a 2-3x increase with minimum effort. Of course, seeing this benefit is wholly contingent on how well marketers can design their conversational experiences. Just like with traditional landing pages, a bad conversational landing page will yield bad marketing results. This guide helps you avoid such an outcome. It is the ultimate resource on conversational landing pages for mortgage marketing and the video below will ensure that you see the 2-3x conversion rate jump that conversational landing pages can yield.

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