How To Make A Sales Funnel With Hubspot Pages

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In this video, we explain how you can set up a sales funnel with HubSpot Pages.

We’ll cover:
– How to set up your first payment form using Cartfuel
– How to embed the payment form on HubSpot
– How to test your payment form to make sure that customer information makes it into HubSpot.

This video is sponsored by Cartfuel.

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Cartfuel helps HubSpot users take one-time and recurring payments. Their simple payment forms can embed on any site…

And as soon as the sale occurs your customers go right into HubSpot.

This means you can set up follow-up campaigns in HubSpot targeting your buyers.

With features like:

– One-click upsells
– Order bumps
– Countdown timers
– Unlimted payment forms
– And zero transcation fees

You’ll be taking your HubSpot experience to the next level.

Start selling on HubSpot with Cartfuel’s free 14-day trial: %20to%20make%20a%20sales%20funnel%20with%20hubspot%20pages%20


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In this video, we explain how to create a sales funnel in HubSpot.

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