How to Make a Winning Content Marketing Funnel

In today’s digital times, customers can gain information on any product they want. Therefore, it becomes essential for businesses to understand buyers’ persona and their journey to deliver informative content that can assist them and establish an authoritative position. But for this to happen, a successful content marketing funnel is necessary.

In today’s episode, I am going to show you: How to Make a Winning Content Marketing Funnel. What you will learn:

Top of Funnel – The very first step in the conversion process. Grab the customers’ attention through social media, video, website and guides.

Middle of Funnel – MOFU is not just a place to establish credibility and build relationships, and it’s also where you have an opportunity to convert leads that are more likely to buy from you.

Bottom of Funnel – Conversion stage. Content types that work best in this stage are testimonials, webinars and in person workshops.

Bonus: Wonder Stage – Wonder is about more than just sales. It’s about long-term relationships with customers, building a solid brand, generating more leads, and providing content that encourages customers to share their feedback.

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