How to make money online with Miles Beckler’s marketing funnel #shorts #marketingfunnel

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How to make money online with Miles Beckler’s marketing funnel

This is how to make money with a Miles Beckler style ATM funnel. Miles didn’t invent this. I don’t think he claims who invented it. However, he has kind of identified the strategic points in which a lot of people are using this and using it successfully. It’s really, really simple. I absolutely love it.

It’s called an ATM funnel. You can see this all over his YouTube channel. Stands for Audience or attention, trust, and then monetization. The idea is we start with an opt-in here. Anyone who opts in, goes straight through to an OTO, which stands for one time offer, which is an upsell with a video sales letter, something like 27 or 50 bucks, or maybe 90 bucks, if you could get away with it.

Immediately after they buy that, upsell them with a one-click upsell to a much higher ticket product. That can sometimes have a 30% conversion rate of anyone who buys it and that is how you start to monetize your ads, monetize your leads and make a lot of money.

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