How to manage Sales Pipeline using free Sales Pipeline Tracker Excel template?

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Whether you are a small business owner looking for a tool to manage the data on your sales leads, or a sales person needing a simple CRM software, you have come to the right place. I am glad to present a simple Sales Pipeline Management tool to track and manage your sales leads.
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In this video, we cover the following topics.

What is a Sales Pipeline?
Why do we need Sales Pipeline Management?
Benefits of Excel as a Sales pipeline management software
Features of the Free Sales Pipeline Tracker Excel template
How to use the template?
How to extend or customize it to your needs?

Features of Sales Pipeline Excel Template

Track all your sales deals in an organized way in one sheet
View active sales pipeline broken down by stages
Calculates Expected Deal values (based on Win %)
Calculates average time (days) taken to win deals
Identifies stages where deals are lost
Easy tool to filter deals by stage and status
Customization options

Overview of Steps

1. Review 4 sales stages. Rename if necessary.

2. Entering a new deal
Enter basic deals data in the Deals table. (Company Name, Contact Name, Deal Value, Created Date)
Enter current stage in which the deal is.
Enter win % as the chance of winning the deal.

3. Updating a deal as you make progress
Update Stage if the deal has moved forward to the next stage.
Update Win % if it has changed over time.
Enter Next Activity Date and Notes

4.Closing a deal
Enter Status (Won or Lost) if the deal is closed and you have either won or lost the deal.
Enter Close Date

5.Monitoring performance regularly to gain insights
View active pipeline to know if you are on target to meet your goal
View deal conversion rate and average time to win a deal
Identify stages where deals are lost and work on improving

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